Nine Fun Free Summer Destinations in Sand Springs

Hundreds of Sandites are still picking up the pieces after historic flooding devastated low-lying river-side areas outside of the protection of the levee system.

Not only did many flood victims lose their homes, but the entire community lost access to the 100-acre recreational paradise that is Case Community Park.

Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Disc Golf, Volleyball, Basketball, Trails, Horse Shoes, BMX, playgrounds, and the Rotary Super Splash Pad were all taken from Sand Springs for the foreseeable future.

Despite the tragic park closure, there are still many great opportunities for Sand Springs residents to find some rest, relaxation, recreation, and entertainment.

Case Community Center

While most of Case Community Park may be closed, the community center at the north end of the park escaped the flood waters and is open for business. Although part of the building is set aside for FEMA operations, there are still plenty of fun activities.

Pickleball, Zumba, Tai Chi, Tiny Tots in Training, Dance Fitness, and Senior Exercise are only a few of the regularly scheduled activities. There’s an open basketball court, workout equipment, an indoor track, ping pong, video games, and more!

Case Community Skate Park

Also open for recreation is the 7,000 sq. ft. skate park located just south of the Community Center. Break out your skateboard, scooter, or bicycle and hit the quarter pipe! Ramps, stairs, rails, banks, bridges, all open from dawn till dusk!

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Sand Springs Historical and Cultural Museum

Located in the heart of the downtown Triangle district, this beautiful example of Art Deco architecture is on the National Register of Historic Places, and is a fun and educational way to spend your afternoon.

Constructed in 1929 as a public library, the building was commissioned by Lucile Page to honor her late husband, Charles Page, the founder and patriarch of Sand Springs.

The library was converted into a museum following the construction of the new Charles Page Library building in 2001. The museum features a permanent exhibit on the history of Sand Springs and legacy of its benefactor, as well as rotating art and history exhibits.

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Katy Trail & Centennial Park

Go for a bike ride along Katy Trail! Free parking for the trail is available at the Stage Department Store, right by the original site of the sandy springs from which our town draws its name. This easy-rated trail system can take you as far as you want to go, meeting with Newblock Park Trail and Riverparks East Trail in Tulsa. You can also take it south along Highway 97 into Prattville.

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Keystone Ancient Forest

Enjoy 1,360 acres of 300-year-old post oaks, 500-year-old cedars, wildlife, beautiful scenery, and about eight miles of hiking trails at varying difficulties. See the untamed wilderness that has remained mostly unchanged since it was first traversed by famed explorer Washington Irving almost 200 years ago. This park was one of the deciding factors in why Expedia named Sand Springs as Oklahoma’s Best Getaway Location for 2019.

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Page Park

This north-side park features playground equipment, tennis courts, basketball, grills, swing sets, a teeter-totter, and a large open field for baseball, softball, kite-flying, etc.

Pratt Civitan Park

This recently-renovated south-side beauty offers basketball, tennis, swing sets, playground equipment, grills, a brand new restroom facility, and the City’s only open splash pad.

Ray Brown Park

One of the most recent park renovations includes new playground equipment, swing sets, grills, a picnic area, a trail, and lots of open space for group activities.

Sand Springs Lake Park

The Sand Springs Lake is another historic piece of Sand Springs. Originally a weekend destination for neighboring Tulsans, it used to be a popular swimming hole with a petting zoo and amusement park. Those days are long gone, but it’s still a quaint afternoon getaway with an ADA-accessible trail, a beautiful garden, and well-stocked ecosystem of fish.

ZegART Studios

One great place for summer activities is ZegART Studios. The local art studio and gallery features great affordable summer camp classes for youth ages 6-18. Learn to express yourself through mobiles, wall hangings, macrame, painting, mosaics, metal engraving, string art, wood work, birdhouses, acrylics, and more.

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Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice & Java

With cheap delicious snow cones, voted Best in Tulsa County in 2016, and lots of free activities for the kiddos, Harper’s Hut is a must-stop for all Sand Springs visitors. Toss a frisbee or a football, practice your disc golf throw, hula hoop, play corn hole, and have your picture taken aboard a pirate ship!

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