Board of Education presents award to Stephen West, Brittany Pride, and Lance Beckner

Stephen West was presented with a Sandite Spirit Award after being nominated by Head Football Coach Dustin Kinard. Kinard, who is battling pancreatic cancer, said West was an inspiration to him this past season. West is diabetic, and not quite athletic enough to see action on the varsity team. Despite this, he still showed up to every practice and was one of the hardest working players on the team. Kinard said if West could be there giving his all, then he had to show up too.

Brittany Pride was presented with a Pacesetter Award for her work on the Central Ninth Grade Center yearbook. Pride is the yearbook teacher, and this year’s book was recognized by the publisher as one of the best in the nation. In addition to presenting Pride with an award, the publisher will also be using the CNGC yearbook as an example material for districts across the country.

Lance Beckner was presented with a Pacesetter Award in recognition of a large financial donation to the Sand Springs Special Olympics program. Beckner’s annual donation helps send student athletes to the Special Olympics in Stillwater every year.

District officials discussed the recent school grading system released by the State. According to Director of Special Services Sherry Rooks, many of the grades can be misleading due to Bell Curve grading and inconsistent criteria across school sites. For example, there are no State tests at the ninth-grade level, so the only criteria used for assessing Central Ninth Grade Center’s performance was chronic absenteeism. On top of that, the site scored an A initially, but it was dropped to a C because of the curve.

According to Track and Field Coach Mike Burdge, the City of Sand Springs Parks and Recreation Department is donating their time and expertise to construct a throwing surface for the high school discus and shot put teams.

The Board accepted the resignations of Rebecca Price and Lance Beck and the retirements of Becky Hatchett and Janie Abernathy.

The Board approved the appointments of Greg Morris as Board Treasurer, Terri Kennedy as Assistant Treasurer, and Lynne Graves as Encumbrance Clerk.

Board approved a lease agreement with the Mabee Center at Oral Roberts University for the CPHS Graduation ceremony on May 11, 2019.

Board approved the purchase of two fourteen-passenger Type-A Mini Buses, a Special Education Bus, and two 71-passenger Regular Education Buses.

Board approved the following out of state travel:

  • Shawn Beard and JJ Smith to attend the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) Conference in Philadelphia in June.

  • Lauren Hamilton, Paige Vann, and Amy McAllister to attend the Trauma Informed School Conference in St. Charles, Missouri in June.

  • Megan Sowers, Rachel Ellis, and Sallem Tullis to attend the National I Teach 2nd Grade Conference in Las Vegas in July.

  • Chris Corbin to attend CrossFit Kids Training in Fenton, Missouri in April.

  • Andrea Campfield and Jaden Salazar to attend the National Shakefest Competition in New York City in April.