Internationally-acclaimed Blue Dog art exhibit to debut at Sand Springs Museum this November


The internationally acclaimed Blue Dog art exhibit by George Rodrigue will be making its Oklahoma debut this November at the Sand Springs Cultural and Historical Museum. 

The deceased artist's iconic creation was the face of Absolut Vodka and Xerox Corporation in the 1990s. The Blue Dog is Rodrigue's interpretation of the Cajun werewolf, or loup-garou, and was modeled after his dog, Tiffany. 

Northwoods Fine Arts Academy instructor Jennifer Barretto secured the exhibit earlier this year, but it wasn't set in stone until recently. While the George Rodrigue Foundation agreed to loan the art at no cost, the museum still had to raise $18,000 for transportation, security, and insurance. 

With paintings valued at $60,000 apiece, the museum will have to provide alarm hooks and a physical security guard for the duration of the three-month exhibit. Barretto led the fundraising effort with help from the Sand Springs Small Business Coalition and other organizations. 

Local business owners believe the exhibit will be a major economic stimulant for the downtown area, attracting thousands of visitors in the height of the Christmas shopping season. The exhibit will open November 17th, just a week before Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, in the heart of the downtown Triangle District.