Harper's Hut loses thousands to burglary at Sand Springs stand

Harper's Hut Shaved Ice & Java was the victim of a brutal break-in Sunday night at their 1124 East Charles Page Boulevard location.

The perpetrator appears to have attempted jimmying open a window before giving up and kicking in the door.

CEO William Nozak estimates losses of more than $2,500 due to theft and damages. The culprit made off with more than $800 cash and an iPad, trashed the interior, and caused extensive damage to the doorjamb and window. The stand will remain closed on Monday for repairs.

The oldest of Harper's five locations, the Charles Page Boulevard stand is at the entrance to the Harris Center development.

Master Lube & Car Wash, also in the Harris Center, recently shut down their car wash services due to theft. The car wash reportedly had coin boxes and the change machine broken into repeatedly, and brushes and sprayers were stolen multiple times. 

Last season the Harper's location inside of Case Community Park was burglarized and thieves made off with candy, soda, coin change, and a portable speaker system. The new Berryhill location suffered about $400 in vandalism damages just a week after opening last month. 

Nozak says repeated theft in the Harris Center is making the area feel unsafe, but this case in particular appears personal.

Both the cash register and safe appear to have been opened with a keycode and were not forced. Nozak suspects it could have been an ex employee or friend of an employee. 

A police report has been filed and the department has assigned a detective to the case. Anyone with information can contact the department online at this link or may call 918-245-8777.