Nozak Consulting Group looks to help local businesses succeed


By: Scott Emigh, Editor-in-Chief

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Harper's Hut Shaved Ice & Java
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When William Nozak started Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice & Java in 2014, he changed the game in the local industry. Within a month of opening his doors he won the “Best in the World” award from Tulsa World newspaper and was often open for hours after the official closing time just trying to get the massive lines fed. Less than three years later his company has now expanded to six locations in addition to catering weddings, festivals, and other regional events.

Now, Nozak is bringing that same passion and ingenuity to a new venture that wants to help other local businesses replicate his success.  

The Nozak Consulting Group offers all the marketing tools that major corporations utilize, at a cost that small “Mom and Pop” businesses can afford. From web design and branding to social media marketing and search engine optimization, the Nozak Group wants to bring Green Country businesses into the future with innovative strategies that will allow any small town business to compete with and prepare for national franchises.

“Your website is your online brochure,” says Nozak. “Having a website is not enough, you need to optimize your website. Franchises have corporate locations with teams that do this, putting pressure on mom and pops. They will fold if they don’t do this.”

Nozak has teamed up with businesses ranging anywhere from the hundred-thousand to million-dollar profit range, and thus far his record is spotless. Nozak Consulting has received a five-star rating from every client they have worked with.

“If you’re not coming up in search engine results, you need our services. You will find it very hard to survive in a changing environment.” In addition to his own company, Nozak has also owned a pair of franchises, giving him a glimpse into how the big leagues operate. “Local SEO beats national SEO every time,” says Nozak. Search Engine Optimization utilizes keywords throughout your website that customers are most likely to use when searching for a product or service. “Big businesses don’t know the local city. By optimizing with local lingo and jargon, local owners can win their market. I can help them.”

In the three months since opening, Nozak Consulting has already had to begin looking for new employees to keep up with the demand—and business has been booming. From redesigning websites to building them from scratch, designing logos, pay-per-click campaigns, and even personnel training videos and event advertising, Nozak Consulting has everything a business needs to respond to increased pressure.

“Online marketing is the future, and it is the lifeblood of modern business."