Mistakes befall the best of us


Sandite Pride is young, having just celebrated our first anniversary in February. We try our best to provide thorough, accurate reporting of everything we can. Unfortunately, we're not experts in everything. I know, shocking. This is our first year covering soccer, and we relied on the schedules posted on www.sandites.org. This schedule included preseason scrimmages and didn't denote that they weren't actual games. I'm sure the soccer community was well aware that games before March 1st didn't count to the actual season record, but we're new to this. We took it at face value, and have been counting those towards our teams' records. Upon examining the OSSAA Soccer Handbook we realized our error and have corrected the past articles to remove any misinformation. We hope you will forgive us this minor error and continue to rely on us to provide accurate coverage. We love you Sand Springs, thank you for your support.